I have been a Systems Administrator in professional IT environments for the past 9 years supporting a variety of configurations. I have focused my career on designing highly-available services from the ground up to be reliable, secure, easy to work on, and well-organized. I'm currently focused on my skills in Docker Orchestration. I'm a generalist; I focus on being familiar enough to approach any problem, and I can usually fix the issue, maybe after a quick google or two.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Senior TechOPs EngineerRevinate

    Oct, 2016 - Present

    Revinate designs and develops technology to improve the guest experience at hotels worldwide.

    • Work to maintain our infrastructure and always be trying to make it better/stronger/faster.

    • Implemented new MongoDB backup system to Amazon S3, saving $2.5k/month in hosted backup costs

    • Support developers in use of Kubernetes to deploy products

  • Infrastructure EngineerLocation Labs

    May, 2013 - Aug, 20163 years 2 months

    Real-time data on how your phones are being used— with the power to limit when and how often. Location Labs enables you to protect your kids and family, and manage their usage.

    • Work closely with Engineering and QA to ensure all our servers and networking equipment deliver services as needed to our clients.

    • Specify, choose, and implement the best solutions for a variety of challenges involving software, networking, and hardware.

    • Manage routers, switches, and firewalls, using best practices and configuration management methodologies.

    • Provide best practice advice for all layers of the software stack, including database, caching, load balancing, and security.

  • System AdministratorExecutech

    Feb, 2012 - May, 20131 year 3 months

    Executive-level technical consulting.

    • Led the company's Linux support team.

    • Implemented a new branded monitoring system product, creating value for the customer and new revenue opportunities for the company.

    • Provided businesses with the expertise they needed to make technology decisions and succeed.

    • Remained informed and familiar with diverse aspects of technology in order to implement the best solution for our customers.

  • System AdministratorLendio

    Oct, 2010 - Feb, 20121 year 4 months

    A SAAS product providing all your small business loan options in one place.

    • Managed and maintain all aspects of the company IT infrastructure, including setup, maintenance, security, and backups of all servers, databases, firewalls, and appliances.

    • Maintained all technology vendor relationships.

    • Implemented monitoring solution, allowing 24/7 alerting of a problem to facilitate timely attention to issues.

    • Migrated new application from single server to highly-available setup with load balancing, secure firewalling, centralized logging, staging environment, and backups.

  • System Administrator, Support Services of Utah

    May, 2008 - Oct, 20102 years 5 months

    An outsourced web hosting and phone support company for client online stores.

    • Led the IT Team, and managed 3 other employees to help maximize their success and company contribution.

    • Maintained and updated servers and network equipment in multiple co-location facilities and countries.

    • Maintained all servers and networking equipment, including 2 co-location facilities.

    • Implemented backup procedures, preventing data loss on multiple occasions with minimal downtime.

  • Network Technician, DirectPointe

    Apr, 2006 - May, 20082 years 1 month

    DirectPointe was an MSP for ~300 clients over the Western US area.

    • Escalation point for all network problems for ~4000 users.

    • Designed, configured, and documented networks for new customers.

    • Document, analyze, and improve resiliency of existing customer networks.

    • Maintained all networking equipment in ~300 customers sites.



  • System Administration
  • High Availability
    HAProxyLVSF5 BIG-IPTraefikCaddy
  • Networking
  • Development
  • Configuration Management
  • Docker Orchestration
    KubernetesDocker HubCoreOSetcd
Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

  • Foster and Financial coordinator, Beau's Bridge Club

    Jun, 2014 - Present

    Beau’s Bridge Club is an animal welfare organization dedicated to saving and improving the lives of pets most at risk in the shelter system through rescue, foster, financial assistance, and adoption.



  • Animal Rescue

    VolunteeringAdoption eventsFostering
  • Knife Making

  • Music

    CompositionMusic TheoryHigh Fidelity


  • Romain Richard

    I worked with Mike at Location Labs for a bit more than 2 years. Mike was the go-to person whenever we had a question, not just because he's great technically, but also because he's always happy to help others. Thanks to him, everyone on the team got better at their job.

  • Matt Smith

    Mike's charismatic personality often had the rest of us looking to him as a team leader. He always made time to help teach more junior members and the success of numerous projects could be traced back in some way to his involvement.